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The Holstentor. June 1992.

Salt warehouses
Salt warehouses. June 1992.

Sailboats in the harbor. June 1992.

Old town
Old town. June 1992.

City hall wall
Closeup of a wall of the city hall. May 1993.

Breite Straße
View of the Breite Straße towards the St. Jakobi church. May 1993.

The town crier also gave guided tours of the city hall. May 1993.

Shoppers relaxing in the market. May 1997.

St Marien
Town square with St Marien Church in the background. May 1993.

St Jakobi Kirche
St. Jakobi Church. May 1993.

View of the Lübeck Cathedral from the harbor. May 1997.


The city of Lübeck, situated on an island in the Trave about 15km inland from the Baltic Sea coast, was at one time the most important city in the Hanseatic League. Its position allowed the city to capitalize on trade with Scandinavia and Russia. (Some other Hanseatic cities were Hamburg and Kampen.)

Today, the city has retained much of its medieval character, with many old restored brick buildings typical of northern Germany. When visiting Lübeck, be sure to take the boat tour around the old city. Also, be sure to stock up on marzipan, a popular specialty of the city. My family would never forgive me if I came home from a visit to Lübeck without a few boxes!