Churches Around the Province 2

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Hay Bay Church
Hay Bay Church, built 1792. March 2002.

Columbus Community Church
Columbus Community Church, Oshawa. May 2002.

St Johns Presbyterian
St John's Presbyterian, Port Perry. May 2002.

St Peters
St. Peter's Anglican, Cobourg. March 2003.

Calvary Baptist Church, Cobourg. March 2003.

Slovak Catholic
Slovak Catholic Church of the Transfiguration, Byzantine Rite, Markham. June 2001.

Loyalist Memorial Church
Loyalist Memorial Church in Adolphustown. March, 2002.

Brantford Mohawk Church
Her Majesty's Chapel of the Mohawks (Anglican), Brantford. August 2000.

Trinity United
Trinity United Church, Cobourg. March 2003.

Sharon Temple
Sharon Temple, Sharon. June 2001.

St Thomas Anglican
St Thomas Anglican Church, Brooklin. May 2002.

Christ Church, Holland Landing
Christ Church, Anglican, Holland Landing. October 2001.

Old St Thomas Church
Historic Old Church in St Thomas, Ontario, built in 1823. August 2000.

St Andrews
St. Andrews Presbyterian, Cobourg. March 2003.


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