Sylvanau ... H0-Scale

Comparison between H0 and N scale freight vans
Comparison of similar 3-axle Bavarian freight vans in H0 and N scale. (Both models by Trix.)

Comparison between European and North American freight vans
Comparison of European and North American vans in H0 scale.


For various reasons, I've decided to stop work on my N-scale empire, and start on a new H0 scale layout. What precipitated the decision was weakening eyesight, but I'd been somewhat uncomfortable with my N-scale layout for some months. I'd started on a new extension, but I had no clear vision of what to do there. I realized that the layout was getting too ambitious and losing a sense of character.

On these pages, I intend to show this new layout during all phases of development, from design, through construction, and eventually, to completion. But then, is a model train layout ever completely finished?

The area to be filled is a room 20' long by 9.5' wide. Huge by N-scale standards, but to me, just right for H0.