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CN Locomotive 5700 or 5703?


St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada; August 12, 2000.

If you compared this photo with older photos of CN 5700, you'd notice a few differences. For example, the older pictures show a 4-6-4 locomotive with outside frames on the leading and trailing trucks. What happened?

When CN started wholescale scrapping of it's steam locomotives, they planned on preserving 5700. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up and someone started cutting up 5700. Rather than repair the damage, they decided to preserve another locomotive of that class instead and renumber it as 5700. This is really CN locomotive 5703!

Today, this locomotive can be found at the Elgin County Railroad Museum in St. Thomas, Ontario, south of London. We were lucky the day we arrived since they towed the locomotive outside so a wedding party could pose with it.

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