German Trains 99-7222

Harzquerbahn Locomotives


June 1992, Drei Annen Hohne, Germany

Harzquerbahn locomotives 99-7222 and 99-7244.

After enjoying a "Pizza Inferno" at a restaurant in Braunlage in the Harz region of Germany, I decided to take a short drive in the eastern part of the region before returning to my room. Although the whistle of the narrow-guage steam locomotives can be heard from far away, I was surprised to see a steam train cross over the road on a bridge ahead of me! I checked the map and saw where the train was headed. I arrived at the station in Elend just before the train arrived, but was too mesmerized to take pictures yet.

When the train left, I followed the train to Drei Annen Hohne, where I found it, and another, waiting there. The train I was following continued on its trip to Wernigerode after a short stop, but the other stayed for a while to take on water. At least two other people were there taking pictures!

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