November Update

Category: Stained Glass
Tue, 20 Nov 2007, 14:55

Here's what my workbench looked like this morning. There are pieces for two different projects here. Foiling is rather boring, so it took me a while to finish that step. But that's done now, and it's now on to the soldering.

picture of my workbench

First, I'll finish a simple octahedron just to get something done. The octahedron project consists of four equilateral triangles which will be attached to each other at the corners. After foiling, the pieces are laid out as in the following photo, with three corners attached with duct tape:

assembling an octahedron

The pieces are then folded up, and the three upper corners are taped:

assembling an octahedron

Next, I carefully remove the tape for one corner and tack the two pieces together with my soldering iron. Then I repeat for the other five corners. This is what I had after this step:

assembling an octahedron

What follows next is standard beading along the edges and finishing as with any other stained glass project. Here's the final result:

final octahedron

Nice, eh? This is a simple project I took on mainly to give me some practice in three dimensions. Now, I'll have to get back to the bigger project that I started before the octahedron, a votive holder consisting of 21 pieces of glass. Perhaps that was a bit too ambitious for this beginner, but what the heck. You've got to learn by doing, right? In the future, I'd like to try more 3D pieces. For example, I'd like to do a more ambitious piece where each of 12 pieces forms one edge in an octahdron. But Christmas is approaching and I need to make Christmas presents. Oops! Now my peeps know what they're getting!


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