2006 New Items - Piko, Trix, Märklin

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Fri, 20 Jan 2006, 13:01

As is eagerly expected by most modellers of the German railroads, we're starting to see the 2006 new product flyers roll out. This week, we saw the release of flyers from Piko, Trix, and Märklin. Fans of Era I (1835-1920) have much smaller selections to choose from than other modellers, and so the new product flyers are very useful resources that help us plan our purchases for the year.

Piko offers a modest selection of affordable models. These days, their products tend towards Era III DR. When they venture into Era I, they lean heavily towards the Sachsen railroad. Their 2006 new product flyer shows a few items from the KSStEB. The first is a locomotive of class VT (BR 89). However, this locomotive has been offered before in Sachsen colors. As in the past few years, there are no Era I freight wagons, but they do offer a pair of 1st/2nd class compartment coaches from the Sachsen railroad, one with brake cab, the other without.

Trix and Märklin, as expected, have similar offerings. They usually have some token Era I offerings, with Trix covering the Bavarian railway and Märklin the Württemberg railway. This year, Trix will offer a new version of the Bavarian PtL 2/2 (Glaskasten), as well as two sets. The first is a Bavarian freight train pulled by a D XII locomotive in brown paint. The three freight cars include a private owner beer van, a tanker, and a wine transport. (Märklin will offer its own version of this train.) The other set includes a Prussian Glaskasten (class T2) and two freight cars: a beer van of the Görlitzer Aktien-Brauerei and a bogie flat car carrying two vehicles from the Hamburg fire department.

Am I tempted by any of these offerings so far? The Prussian Glaskasten train, with the two Hamburg fire trucks, is very tempting. But I'd be getting it only for the fire trucks, since I bought a Roco T2 two years ago. Apart from that, nothing else would really fit on my Prussian layout.

Over the next few weeks, we'll see what Roco and Fleischmann have to say. From Fleischmann, I'm still hoping for an all freight KPEV set, but I'm guessing it will be a Prussian commuter train pulled by a T10.


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