Geertruy van Coot

Birth Name van Coot, Geertruy
Gender female
Age at Death 10 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1786-04-20 Nijkerk  
1a 2a
Baptism 1786-04-23 Nijkerk  
1a 2a
Death 1787-03-06 Nijkerk  
Burial 1787-03-10 Nijkerk  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Steven van Coot
Mother Helena van Hagen
    Brother     Cornelis van Coot
    Brother     Aart van Coot
    Sister     Aleida van Coot
    Brother     Kornelis van Coot
    Brother     Cornelis van Coot
    Brother     Gerrit van Coot
    Sister     Aleida van Coot
         Geertruy van Coot

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Steven van Coot
    1. Helena van Hagen
      1. Cornelis van Coot
      2. Aart van Coot
      3. Aleida van Coot
      4. Kornelis van Coot
      5. Cornelis van Coot
      6. Gerrit van Coot
      7. Aleida van Coot
      8. Geertruy van Coot


Source References

  1. Netherlands, Gelderland, Nijkerk church records, Hervormd dopen
      • Date: 1787-03-06
      • Page: 1787-03-06
      • Research:

        It is assumed that the child referred to in the record is Geertruy van Koot. At the time, the possible choices are Geertruy and Alyda. However, there is a later death record that explicitly names Alyda.

  2. Keizer Karel: Keizer Karel e-mail - January 16, 1999
      • Page: IV.6