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Birth Name Degener, Anna Catharina
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Baptism 1716-06-21 Winterswijk  
Death 1776-07-07 Winterswijk  
Burial 1776-07-10 Winterswijk  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Garrit Degener
Mother Grietjen van Almeslo
    Brother     Derk Degener
    Sister     Anna Catharina Degener
         Anna Catharina Degener
    Brother     Gerrit Jan Degener
    Brother     Berent Degener


    Family of Garrit Wubbels and Anna Catharina Degener
Married Husband Garrit Wubbels
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1740-10-08 Winterswijk  
  1. Johanna Geertrui Wubbels
  2. Jan Hendrik Wubbels
  3. Janna Margrieta Wubbels
  4. Gesina Wubbels
  5. Marija Magdalena Wubbels
  6. Janna Margarita Wubbels
  7. Garrit Jan Wubbels
  8. Beerent Wubbels

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Garrit Degener
    1. Grietjen van Almeslo
      1. Anna Catharina Degener
        1. Garrit Wubbels
          1. Janna Margrieta Wubbels
          2. Jan Hendrik Wubbels
          3. Gesina Wubbels
          4. Marija Magdalena Wubbels
          5. Janna Margarita Wubbels
          6. Garrit Jan Wubbels
          7. Beerent Wubbels
          8. Johanna Geertrui Wubbels
      2. Gerrit Jan Degener
      3. Berent Degener
      4. Anna Catharina Degener
      5. Derk Degener


Source References

  1. Bredevoort NG Trouwboek 1736-1833
      • Date: 1783-02-21
      • Page: p22
      • Citation:

        Frederik Beukers wed van Geertruijd Anthonia Becking en Johanna
        Geertruijd Wubbels jdv wijlen Garrit W. en Johanna Catharina Degeners -
        getrouwt den 17 maart coram magistra h.

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  3. Netherlands, Gelderland, Winterswijk church records