Hanna Barthe 1a 2a 3a

Also Known As Barthe, Hanna 3a
Also Known As Thijsen, Johanna 2a
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bart Thijssen
         Hanna Barthe


    Family of Evert van Ling and Hanna Barthe
Married Husband Evert van Ling
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage Proclamation 1749-10-07 Amersfoort  
Marriage 1749-10-21 Amersfoort  
  1. Engeltje van Ling
  2. Bartholomeus van Ling
  3. Cornelia van Ling
  4. Bartholomeus van Ling
  5. Ida van Ling
  6. Johannes van Ling
  7. Matthijs van Ling
  8. Aaltje van Ling
  9. Engeltje van Ling
  10. Wouter van Ling

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Bart Thijssen
    1. Hanna Barthe
      1. Evert van Ling
        1. Aaltje van Ling
        2. Engeltje van Ling
        3. Matthijs van Ling
        4. Johannes van Ling
        5. Ida van Ling
        6. Bartholomeus van Ling
        7. Engeltje van Ling
        8. Bartholomeus van Ling
        9. Cornelia van Ling
        10. Wouter van Ling


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